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 Portrait of Roger Pearce  About the Artist....and the ....Art Restorer

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All my life I've been interested in trying to unravel  the truth of reality. Here are some Notes on The on the NATURE of REALITY.

One method of working out these ideas, and reaching into my own subconscious which seems to have a more direct connection to this, has always been my artwork. Keep this in mind when you are looking through my online Gallery. These ideas have always been my muse and motivations.  

High quality prints of my work are now available at Fine Art America, or look in my gallery.......  Reviews by others.  

Intention  Intention

There's always new things in my Gallery 

Still Life: The fleeting light on a spinning ball.  Still Life

Unlike the still life paintings of time gone by, in the new digital world I have made everything in this image. The table and chairs, the tea set, the bowl of fruit, the room with windows and the mirror where all sculpted in ZBrush. The scene was rendered in Vue work in Photoshop.

mirrors Consciousness Looking Back....Tea Time for Mad Dogs.

The Myth of the Secular  The Myth of the Secular


New......The BETHUNE PROJECT......

Dr. Norman Bethune  Portrait of Dr. Norman Bethune, by Roger Pearce


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